After working for many years in different areas of the sector Advertising Jobs, decided to establish a voice. Audio Jobs, each containing a new and professional dubbing artists dubbed casting company. Reason to hit the road, do their jobs for many years, the person we feel, to end the vicious cycle in which we live and breathe new life into our films, aims at bringing in a color. The same sound as if talking to all the movies commercials”” s time to bring the feeling of a difference in our opinion. Brand new voices as well as the Theatre – Cinema with the familiar voices wanted to walk down the same road with us in this process, of course, we have gladly accepted .. Jobs in the voice, in order to meet all kinds of needs voice, young people and children’s voices, new voices, many friends who engaged in foreign language dubbing, animation, sounds, including a wide range of audio alternatives ready to work with you. Audio cast’ımızın well as ability to respond to all kinds of jingle brief’e team sets that can support you sound crew, and most importantly, all the sound – recording that will meet your needs and which will be operational in a short period of sound are ready to serve our studio. Moreover, we also undermines the elbow as a team in the industry for many years to understand you, your needs, and to support you in very quickly to resolve quite suitable.